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Building & Events Steward

Job Summary

The Building & Event Steward will provide for the set-up and tear down of the sanctuary for Sunday services and as needed for other events during the week. This position requires availability on Sunday mornings and is primarily responsible for preparing the building/sanctuary for services, assisting with audio/visual during the service, and tearing down after the services.


Part-Time, Hourly (Non-Exempt), ~4-5 hours/week (additional hours may be available)

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Essential Functions:

The Building & Event Steward needs to be physically able to perform the duties outlined below. In recognition of changing needs, the position will incorporate any combination of the following functions:

  1. Before the Sunday morning worship service, sweep front stoops and steps of leaves and debris (Church House and Mackey entrance); vacuum entryway carpets and/or clean front foyer as needed.
  2. Set-ups and breakdowns as needed for church activities. Includes putting up and arranging tables and chairs; moving furniture.
  3. Run audio/visual equipment during Sunday morning worship services.
  4. Communicate supply needs to the Office Administrator.
  5. Troubleshoot and make minor repairs as needed. Schedule work orders through the Office Administrator and follow-up as needed.
  6. Immediately alert the Pastor or Office Administrator about building and repair needs.
  7. Complete and turn in timesheets in a timely manner, as determined by the Office Administrator.
  8. Other duties as assigned.

Other Responsibilities:

  1. Keep in close communication with the Pastor and Church Administrator, especially about events that will occur in our building.
  2. Attend staff meetings as needed with sufficient notice.


Minimum Qualifications

  1. A combination of education, training and experience that demonstrates capability to perform the functions of the
  2. Basic computer skills. Experience with A/V systems a plus.
  3. Willingness to expand personal knowledge and


Physical Requirements

  1. Able to move about the church and sanctuary
  2. Able to lift/move chairs and folding tables without assistance.
  3. Able to shovel some snow, sweep leaves and salt as needed.


Core Competencies

  • Initiative: Self-starter. Identifies and anticipates what needs to be done and takes the steps to accomplish the required tasks without waiting for prompting or reminding; recognizes that there are better ways to do things and works to improve quality end products and processes.
  • Timeliness: Has the ability to manage their own time, and make sure the required tasks are completed with minimal oversight.
  • Enthusiasm and Compassion: Exhibits an upbeat attitude and a willingness to not only complete the task at hand, but to ensure that it is done well, correctly, and as the requester or recipient wants it; eager to offer help.
  • Multi-Tasking: Demonstrates the ability to efficiently manage multiple tasks and responsibilities at any one time; and establishes logical priorities so that everything gets done well and on time.
  • Flexibility: Recognizes that to do the entire job well, there will be situations that call for totally different actions and responses than planned; changes course if necessary; does things that are different because they are needed to get the job done or there is no-one else to do them.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Demonstrates the skills of active listening; openly accepts criticism and constructive suggestions; proactively resolves interpersonal conflicts; and engages people positively with a demeanor of optimism.


About Us

Westminster Presbyterian Church, located on the campus of The College of Wooster, is one of three Presbyterian churches in our city.  We started as a college church, established in 1874, and have now become a multi-generational congregation with college students, young families and older adults from both the College of Wooster community and the larger local community. We are drawn together by our commitment to creating a faith community of acceptance and working for peace and social justice in God's world. As a small congregation with about 75 people in worship attendance, we value our friendships and celebrate Christ through acts of compassion and participation in global and local causes. Those who join our church typically share our strong sense of social justice and mission to the world and to those in need. 

We like to think that our church provides a spiritual home and a "safe" place for those on the campus of the College of Wooster and in the larger Wooster, Wayne & Holmes County communities, including those who have either felt disconnected from traditional Christianity and churches, or who no longer find traditional expressions of Christianity to be compelling for their lives or faith. On this website you can find information about our worship life, our education program, and our outreach ministries. 


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