Holy Week And Transformation


March 26, 2015

As a child growing up in the midst of apartheid South Africa, I heard my elders say many times that politics do not belong in the church.  Reflecting back on those years, you might agree with me, that this fallacy was ironic as the Dutch Reformed Church was instrumental in the formulation, promotion, and implementation of the apartheid system with its dehumanization of a people based on ethnicity.  

The underlying theology in this thinking was that "Jesus died for my sins so that I can be forgiven and go to heaven." This individualistic spirituality with its emphasis on the afterlife led, to a great extent, to the neglect of the church's prophetic voice and its role in the transformation of the world to bring about the kin-dom of God on earth.  

It seems to me that the same individualistic and privatized faith is also prevalent here in the United States.  No surprise then that I hear the refrain just as often that politics do not belong in the church.   

This coming Sunday we will address this fallacy, as Jesus’ message has huge implications for our public life, as we will see from the scripture of the day, Mark 11:1-11.   This reading about Jesus' final entry into Jerusalem reveals how confused the crowd was about Jesus' identity, as he enters Jerusalem in the midst of great political tension between an oppressed people and a religious establishment in cahoots with the empire.  

The question then before us as we enter Holy Week this Sunday and continue to meditate on the theme "I Am Human. Created in the Image of God" is this: Are Holy Week and Easter only for personal transformation and a promise of heaven after death, or do they have relevance and implication for the church’s role in the transformation of this life and world in bringing about the kin-dom of God?  I would love to hear your opinion!  

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Politics is take apart from church. That doesn't mean that church doesn't have political implications. Everybody should, at the bear minimum, make an informed choice to vote. Thanks for the post!
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This topic of successful change through mortification was begun in the unassuming and unpropitious way that the Son of God started things out to earth. In a couple of days we will observe Easter and Animated Video Company this season more than some other ought to help us to remember God's arrangement of bringing triumph out of the lowliest and most troublesome circumstances throughout everyday life.
Amanda at 3:24am EDT - March 26, 2018
Holy week transformation and new year's resolution have a lot in common. Both give you this illusion of grandeur. It makes you believe things can actually change or improve when the truth is it's just another ordinary day. If we are really sincere about making a difference in our lives, we will not be taking note of holidays and dates. We will live the change we want to achieve the moment it entered our heads. We won't wait for the end of the year or the beginning of the holy week. It's silly but it's true.
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