Faith in Action for Earth Day and Beyond


April 21, 2016

This Sunday, April 24th during our 10:45 AM worship service, Westminster Presbyterian Church at 353 East Pine Street will contemplate how we can become better stewards of the earth, and honor the integrity of all created things in celebration of Earth Day.

The focus of our service will be how we can reduce consumption of meat as a direct expression of our faith.  Among several practices we are called upon to reduce consumption of meat because of its fossil fuel intensive production and the methane, a potent greenhouse gas, that its waste emits.  According to the Sierra Club, livestock production generates more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation sector.  Moreover, the pollution from animal factories is larger than the total pollution from all other industrial sources.

In recognition of our care for the environment, embracing human health, and as a direct expression of our faith, Westminster Presbyterian Church hosts a monthly Vegan Potluck, on the third Thursday of most months, August through April.  This event provides an open venue for participants to support one another as they explore the many options and challenges of following a plant-based diet as a way to practice healthy, sustainable, mindful eating.  We gather together to share our desire to eat healthily, concerns about animal treatment, and sensitivity towards agricultural practices and food processing as we strive for equitable sharing and sustainability of God’s world with all peoples.   We gather in Mackey Hall, 353 East Pine Street.  To learn more visit our Vegan Potluck Page or contact us by email.

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