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Holy Week And Transformation

By   |  March 26, 2015

Are Holy Week and Easter only for personal transformation and a promise of heaven after death, or do they have relevance and implication for the church’s role in the transformation of this life and world in bringing about the kin-dom of God?

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Take Action and Stand up for the Rights and Dignity of all Workers

By   |  August 29, 2013

On this Labor Day the Presbyterian Church (USA) needs your help as God calls us to take action and stand up for the rights and dignity of all workers by speaking out against unfair International Trade Agreements and specifically the "Trade Promotion Authority", known as fast track. As Presbyterians we believe that:

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Do We Have A Need To Convert?

By   |  April 11, 2013

Most of us grew up being heavily influenced by a fundamentalist view with an overemphasis on "personal" salvation that can lead to fear, exclusion, and self-righteousness. For me, just to type the word "salvation" makes me feel uncomfortable, not to mention talking about it.

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Ten Years Later: Concerning the War in Iraq

By   |  March 21, 2013

This past week marked the 10th anniversary of the war in Iraq on Tuesday, March 19, the week before Holy Week. To me it is of great significant that we look back on ten years of war followed by the week we remember Jesus' entry into Jerusalem

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By   |  October 11, 2012

This month we are inviting you to start considering your financial commitment to Westminster with Stewardship Commitement Sunday on November 11th. T

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