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A Kinder, More Compassionate Community

By   |  September 10, 2015

As one of the six pastors who signed a letter in the Daily Record, July 8, 2015, entitled "Clergy Support Ruling on Gay Marriage," I think it is important for us, as part of the larger Wooster/Wayne County community, to reflect on this public debate as it asks the fundamental question of who we as a community aspire to be as a people.

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Completely and Radically Welcomed

By   |  September 7, 2013

I am advocating for love in hopes that the story that I just shared, my story, stops being the unusual story. I hope that through action, like the action Westminster is publicly taking this weekend, that my story becomes a common story. That kids, young adults, adults, and parents can look to their church community, to their faith traditions, and to their religious leaders and feel completely and radically welcomed.

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Striving to be a True Community of Hospitality

By   |  September 5, 2013

We also apologize to our LGBTQ brothers and sisters and confess our apathy at times. As a congregation we have not always consistently spoken God's prophetic word against injustice, intolerance, exclusion, and hate, as we have been at times too occupied in saving the church as an institution.

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Holy Week and Marriage Equality

By   |  March 26, 2013

For us Christians two landmark cases regarding Marriage Equality take place today in the midst of Holy Week. We as Presbyterians still find ourselves in the grips of social conservatism, not allowing LGBTQ to marry and considering such unions a sin. But maybe, just maybe, this Easter, the "impossible" may become "possible"!

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The Conversation with the Scouts Continues

By   |  February 7, 2013

On Wednesday, February 5 the Boy Scouts of America decided to postpone the decision to move towards full inclusion until May. Although we are disappointed with this decision, as Christians we are not giving up. Like so many other people of faith we will continue to be in conversation with our Troop and our Rregional Scout Office in encouraging them to muster the courage to affirm the dignity and inclusion of all God’s children

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Westminster and Boy Scouts USA

By   |  February 1, 2013

Westminster Presbyterian Church support the possible move towards full inclusion in the Boy Scouts, USA . We strongly feel that a move towards full inclusiveness will strengthen the Scout's mission of positive youth development and enhance the quality of life for families in all communities. This move will also allow our troop to share the values of Westminster Presbyterian Church, the charter organization.

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