Making A Difference in Wooster, OH

Westminster is a giving community of believers and seekers. Over and above the countless hours that members give to the work  you see under "Get Involved"  are the many other gifts our members provide throughout the year:

  • generous donations of food to enable our local People to People Ministries to feed the hungry
  • participating in the local Meals on Wheels program
  • providing thousands of labels for a Buehler’s supermarket program exchanging labels for money which is used for local needs. We also sold hot dogs at Buehler's, with proceeds going to Coats for Kids.
  • 115 school and 96 hygiene kids assembled with our donations of materials and shipped to church World Service for disaster areas
  • opening our homes for the Bed and Breakfast program to support agencies such as the Viola Startzman Free Clinic
  • preparing and/or purchasing home-baked pies and Westminster’s Famous Hearty Italian soup with proceeds going to meet local needs including help for those struggling to secure employment
  • purchased blankets for Church World Service. For many in famine and disaster areas these blankets provide much needed shelter.
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  • Apr 26 UKirk Baking Night
    Just as yummy as it sounds!
  • Apr 29 Choir Rehearsal
    Many of our choir membership see their participation in choir as stewardship of their talents and time and find friendship and fellowship among choir members.
  • Apr 29 Worship
    Our Worship promises to be warm, welcoming, and accepting. At Westminster we give voice to a progressive Christianity drawing from our Presbyterian heritage and strive to create a safe place for all people to explore their faith.