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#WayneCountyFairForAllThrough your presence you can make a huge impact in our struggle for acceptance at the Wayne County Fair, September 10-15, 2016. Sign up for at least one two-hour shift at the #WayneCountyFairForAll booth starting Saturday, September 10 through Thursday, September 15 at Sign Up Genius here, or by contacting Beth Coetzee at 330-263-2398.

To help make this a positive experience for all, and uphold our core principles of a peaceful nonviolent movement, you are also invited to attend a training session prior to the Fair on Thursday, September 8 at 6:00pm in Mackey Hall. Pizza will be provided. Please RSVP on an additional Sign Up Genius here.

As we enter the final week before the fair we are excited as our movement has made great strides towards the inclusion of all people, especially with the Fair Board’s verbal assurance that they are asking vendors not to flaunt the Confederate flag.  Still, we have not reached our goal as the Fair Board continues to approve the sale of the Confederate flag, an oppressive and bigoted symbol.  Therefore, we need you to take action and strengthen the cause with your presence at the Wayne County Fair.

In the words of Juanita Greene, president of the Wooster/Orrville NAACP:

“This is not an issue of freedom of speech; this is about ignoring the aspirations of our community that strongly feels that the flag represents racism and hatred against people of color. We need the people of Wayne County to claim back our identity as a welcoming and accepting people, as we all have a moral duty to protect the rights of all people, especially the minority.”

At the booth fairgoers can learn more about the history, as well as the present-day perception for African Americans, regarding the Confederate Flag, and the profound effects of white privilege on our community and society in general. Most of all they will be able to hear your perspective and why you are supporting the movement. 

Make a difference now and sign up here for at least one two-hour shift and also, if possible, sign up here to attend the training on Thursday night, September 8 at 6:00pm in Mackey Hall, Westminster Presbyterian Church, 353 East Pine Street, Wooster, Ohio. 

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