Student & Young Adult Ministry

UKirk meaning (University Church) is a network of ministries supported by the Presbyterian Church (USA). 

UKirk is open to all people, places, and experiences: to be present where students are learning, growing, and changing.  It's about reaching, loving, gathering, and equipping.  

UKirk brings together College of Wooster students for fellowship, service, intentional community, and worship. We meet monthly right here at Westminster for a homemade meal to share with each other our ideas, dreams, struggles, and hopes. This is the sixth year UKirk has been in the works and we are always excited for student input and ideas. Come join us! UKirk is open to all, Presbyterian or not. We hope that you can find something of value in our community.

Join us in The Meeting Place at 6pm on the first Thursday of each month to commune over a meal, to dialogue and digest and discover UKIRK. 

Co-sponsored by Westminster & First Presbyterian Churches.

Join UKirk weekly for AGAPE LATTE! Agape Latte Tuesdays 8:30am in the Old Main fishbowl beginning Aug. 29th, 2017. Agape often translates to unconditional love and latte directly translates to God's gift in caffeinated, liquid form. UKirk is combining these two things.  Come with life questions, Bible questions, and "I think about this but can never say it out loud" questions. Come with poetry, newspaper articles, books, or wisdom. The goal is to have a more consistent UKirk space, where we can delve a little deeper than names.

Students are invited to our monthly Vegan Potlucks usually on the third Thursday of each month at 6pm in Mackey Hall (in Westminster Church House, 353 E. Pine St.).  Students do not need to bring a dish to share, just come! Check out our facebook page!


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  • May 27 Worship
    Our Worship promises to be warm, welcoming, and accepting. At Westminster we give voice to a progressive Christianity drawing from our Presbyterian heritage and strive to create a safe place for all people to explore their faith.
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    On the first Tuesday of the month, join us at the Downtown Buehler's for the Westminster Men's Breakfast.
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