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UKirk Wooster is progressive, ecumenical Christian campus ministry group supporting students at the College of Wooster. UKirk Wooster welcomes all people, regardless of faith background or identity.

We believe in the need for college students and young adults to have space to explore faith, ask deep questions, and build authentic community together. Through regular fellowship activities, service trips and local community engagement, shared meals, and worship, UKirk encourages students to draw connections between their faith, academic pursuits, passions, and life experiences as a way of discerning God's calls and presence in their lives.


UKirk Wooster generally gathers for weekly activities and meals, both on and off campus. We meet each week on Tuesdays at 11am for Agape Latté in Old Main Café. Agape often translates to unconditional love, and Latté directly translates to God's gift in caffeinated, liquid form. Come with life questions, Bible or faith questions, and "I think about this but can never say it out loud" questions. All are welcome!

We generally meet on Thursday evenings at Westminster Presbyterian Church (353 Pine St., across from Morgan Hall and the Admissions building). We often meet in the basement of Westminster (aka The Meeting Place), in Mackey Hall, or in the upstairs classroom. UKirk Dinner is a space for all to gather, share a free home-cooked meal, and build community with one another. UKirk Contemplative Worship is a new monthly opportunity to explore different kinds of worship, spiritual practices, and ways of connecting with God and each other. The Vegan Potluck is a favorite campus tradition among College of Wooster students - Community members provide vegan potluck-style dishes and it's an opportunity to connect with fellow students, church folk, and community members committed to sustainable living and eating practices. Finally, UKirk Activity Night is an open night with a rotating list of activities for rest, relaxation, fellowship, and fun!


Pumpkin carving

Below is what a typical monthly schedule at UKirk might look like:

1st Thursday: UKirk Dinner at 6pm in The Meeting Place

2nd Thursday: UKirk Contemplative Worship at 6pm in The Meeting Place

3rd Thursday: Community Vegan Meal at 6pm in Mackey Hall

4th Thursday: UKirk Activity Night at Westminster (rotating events such as Movie/Documentary Night, Craft Night, Game Night, etc.)

**The best way to stay up-to-date on all weekly or monthly activities is to find and follow UKirk Wooster on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@UkirkWooster), and use #ukirkwooster.

Have questions about UKirk Wooster or want to get involved? Contact Erin Guzmán.


UKirk is a network of collegiate ministries supported by the Presbyterian Church (USA). Since 2011, UKirk Wooster has been a community full of growth, change, and experimentation. For the 2018-19 school year, we are excited to try new things with more direct leadership from College of Wooster students. In addition to more organizational structure, we also hope to form a board of community members, representing multiple faith communities and denominational groups, to support the long-term vision for UKirk and its goals to nurture students' spiritual growth.

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