Children & Youth

As we journey together we welcome input in further fleshing out those values and ideals which are important to us at Westminster and how to nurture our children’s relationship with the church. We have a unique opportunity for children to participate with adults in the life and ministry of Westminster.  The following are some of the elements that have been identified as important for our children’s faith formation:

  • Adult involvement in our children's lives (feeling valued by and connected with caring adults, including college students)
  • Experience of journeying with a community of faith (belonging, our faith is expressed in community, children’s decision-making affirmed)
  • Love for Church (including worship skills, familiarity with the Bible and other spiritual teachings)
  • Equality and Social Justice (service projects, peaceful conflict resolution, faith rooted advocacy)


Here are some of the ways our children are involved in the life of the church:

  • Our children actively participate in worship as liturgists, musicians, ushers, media and sound volunteers.
  • In reaching out to our homebound members and friends, children make and deliver Easter Baskets, as well as Christmas cards.
  • Monthly Intergenerational Sunday School hour before worship


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  • Apr 26 UKirk Baking Night
    Just as yummy as it sounds!
  • Apr 29 Choir Rehearsal
    Many of our choir membership see their participation in choir as stewardship of their talents and time and find friendship and fellowship among choir members.
  • Apr 29 Worship
    Our Worship promises to be warm, welcoming, and accepting. At Westminster we give voice to a progressive Christianity drawing from our Presbyterian heritage and strive to create a safe place for all people to explore their faith.