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Do you have a special memory, a cherished story, or a meaningful experience at Westminster Presbyterian Church? We would love to hear from you! Share your memories with us and be part of our anniversary celebration. Your stories are an integral part of our history and a source of inspiration for generations to come.

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Westminster's Collection of Memories and Reflections

View reflections from members and friends of Westminster below.


Reflections: The Church - College Relationship - Bill Weiss

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Laura Park

As a college student far from home, I found it hard to keep myself grounded in the midst of schoolwork and social life. WPC has not only helped me remind myself of my faith, but the people at WPC have helped me feel at home in a place of worship.


Mark Wendorf

Congratulations on 150 years! I had no idea you were that old! My years of ministry (1980-85) were my very first in ministry. I was young, naive and made my fair share of mistakes. But, you were gracious and forgiving with me. Thank you. I am retired now, living in New Hampshire near our first grandchild. May your celebration weekend be joyous and happy. Peace, The Rev. Mark W. Wendorf


Joyce Balderston

As a Friend, I have to say I have always enjoyed knowing that the Presbyterians are worshipping as we are each Sunday morning. I have found the announce about your services of interest and have been pleased to participate with you fellow members on occasion. May you continue to be blessed with the leadership we all need in our life. A friend/Friend. Joyce Balderston


Early Memories of Westminster Presbyterian Church - Dave Noble

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Bill Weiss

As a little boy I thought obeying the Third Commandment meant going to church every Sunday. I have spent a lifetime relearning and rethinking much of the theology I was taught in Luther’s Small Catechism. I am grateful that Westminster welcomes believers and seekers who listen to their “inner light” without fear of rebuke. I feel welcome in this church home that worships a God that knows me by name; that follows the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, and holds firm the believe that “goodness is stronger than evil; love is stronger than hate.” There is much to be concerned and frightened about in our lives. At Westminster, I am inspired by words of hope and assurance. David Moldstad said it best when he told me that “in all the turmoil, I’m still certain of one thing – that the universe is still in order and governed by a good and caring power.” Thank you, Westminster, for ministering to me.


Memories of Westminster Presbyterian Church - Mary Kilpatrick

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Dawn Kridel

Dries had conducted the Baccalaureate service for the Wooster High School class of 2016 and delivered a powerful, inspired message to the Graduates
This made me want to attend Sunday services so we did starting in June of 2016
It felt like such a welcoming community the 1st time we attended Linda Barbu greeted us and you could feel serenity and peace being around her
The Benevolence Committee was conducting a fundraiser that summer and it was such a great group of women; Linda, Sue Coleman, Candy Relle, Lemoine Peart and Shelley Peterson
They were driven to do acts of humanity and kindness in the Wayne County area and beyond
They, along with many members at Westminster are committed to being the hands and feet of Christ
Their spirit of love captured my heart and I converted and became an Elder
Westminster Presbyterian Church is a beautiful example of what a faith-filled community should look like
Blessings on this anniversary and always!


Westminster Presbyterian Church 150th Anniversary - Miatta Wilson

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Mieke Vandersall

I am so grateful for Westminster as part of my larger church family that has raised me and loved me. Thank you for the opportunity to serve alongside you, be your friend, and find God in your midst. I wouldn't be where I am without the formation you offered. What a great gift that you have been present with so many students over so many years.


Westminster Presbyterian Church 150th Anniversary - Rev. Fritz Nelson

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Emily Howard

I came to Westminster as a College of Wooster student. It was the first progressive congregation I ever knew. You hosted me as a summer intern with the chaplain's office and I have never been the same... in fact, I became clergy. Thank you for your witness for justice, your passionate care for the community, and your love for all people. I am who I am because of you.


Westminster Memories - Dick and Sandy Beery

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Heidi Haverkamp

One of the first events I attended my first week at the College of Wooster in 1994 was a Westminster welcome social in the courtyard at Mackey Hall. It was one of those golden summer days and it was there that I met some of my very best college friends and began a spiritual journey that in large part was centered upon the loving, supportive members of Westminster Presbyterian Church. I remember warm and meaningful worship, singing "Jesus Christ Superstar" on Easter morning, women’s retreats, being invited to members’ homes for meals, and sharing in preaching and teaching even as a young adult. I grew up in a very formal, old school mainline church and Westminster felt like a place of freedom, creativity, and exploration. The welcome and sense of community as a young adult among older adults was also new to me, and I still give thanks for it every day.


John Wilkinson

Several weeks after I arrived at the college, in 1981, I attended worship at Westminster Church, still meeting at McGaw Chapel. I was greeted warmly and Gordon Stewart and Mark Wendorf both reached out to me. Soon I was singing in the choir with Nancy Daley. I eventually joined the church and was elected to the Session. That service included working with the youth group and a fledgling college student ministry. I was also welcomed warmly into members' homes for meals and respite, and typed (yes typed!) my I.S., at the Church House, supported by Sue Watson. Gordon and Mark initiated the conversation about seminary and me, and Barbara Dua continued that encouragement. After completing seminary at McCormick, I was ordained in McGaw Chapel in August 1989. I hold very fond memories of my relationship with Westminster Church and am grateful for the ways it cared for me as a student and nurtured my vocational journey. Congratulations and blessings!



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