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Westminster Presbyterian Church, located on the campus of The College of Wooster, is one of three Presbyterian churches in our city.  We started as a college church, established in 1874, and have now become a  multi-generational congregation with college students, young families and older adults from both the College of Wooster community and the larger local community. We are drawn together by our commitment to creating a faith community of acceptance and working for peace and social justice in God's world. As a small congregation with about 75 poeple in worship attendance, we value our friendships and celebrate Christ through acts of compassion and participation in global and local causes. Those who join our church typically share our strong sense of social justice and mission to the world and to those in need. 

Who we are

We like to think that our church provides a spiritual home and a "safe" place for those on the campus of the College of Wooster and in the larger Wooster, Wayne & Homes County communities, including those who have either felt disconnected from traditional Christianity and churches, or who no longer find traditional expressions of Christianity to be compelling for their lives or faith. On this website you can find information about our worship life, our education program, and our outreach ministries. 

A Congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA)

Westminster is one of the 11,000+ churches in the U.S. that make up the Presbyterian Church (USA), we are also a member of Muskingum Valley Presbytery and the Synod of the Covenant, two of the regional governing bodies of our denomination. The distinctive feature of the Presbyterian Church is the form of church government that guides both our congregational ministries and that unites Presbyterian churches in common mission. Presbyterian church government reflects a "representative democracy" from the local church to the highest denominational level. We believe it is the right of every congregation to choose both the pastor and the lay people who serve on the governing body of every local church (the Session) and who also serve on the regional governing bodies of our denomination (the Presbytery and General Assembly).


Membership in our church is open to all who express or seek a faith in God through Jesus Christ and who promise to support the mission and ministry of our church to the best of their ability. As an inclusive and welcoming congregation, our church utilizes the gifts for ministry that our members have to give, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or economic condition.

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We invite you to make Westminster your church home and welcome you to join us!  For more information regarding Westminster and membership, please contact our pastor, Andries Coetzee.

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  • Apr 26 UKirk Baking Night
    Just as yummy as it sounds!
  • Apr 29 Choir Rehearsal
    Many of our choir membership see their participation in choir as stewardship of their talents and time and find friendship and fellowship among choir members.
  • Apr 29 Worship
    Our Worship promises to be warm, welcoming, and accepting. At Westminster we give voice to a progressive Christianity drawing from our Presbyterian heritage and strive to create a safe place for all people to explore their faith.