Olive Oil Soap

SoapThe following testimonials were written after good results were obtained from washing with the olive oil soap. If you wish to purchase the soap, you may do so by contacting Westminster at the bottom of the page.

I had tried everything to clear up my daughters' acne. No matter what we tried, their acne  would not clear up. Their complextion was so bad that they were too embarrassed to even go to the doctor. When my sister suggested The Holy Land Olive Oil Soap, I was a bit skeptical (I had tried everything), BUT I am SO glad we tried it because it works! This soap cleared up my daughters' complextion and now they aren't embarrassed to go out in public. We love this soap.
From Michelle 1/21/11

Ever since my husband started using the Olive soap, his skin has really cleared up.  He used to make regular trips to the dermatologist and had to use at least 3 different kinds of prescription-only creams and salves.  We attribute the disappearance of eczema to the use of this soap!
From Anne in Houston TX:

Dallas's face was begining to break out and he was having acne daily. I told him to start washing his face with the Olive Oil soap instead if the other bar soap; his face cleared up within about one week. I also had the same acne type issues, not quite as bad as Dallas, but my face and skin cleared up shortly after I started using it as well.
From Heather in Maine

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